Below you’ll find local and national resources for all things Queer*!



A Gender Agenda

AGA is one of the best organisations for sex and gender diverse people in Australia! They run social events including dinners at their house, provide resources and support and advocate for the ISGD community. They’re always lovely and have many ways for people to get involved so it’s really worth checking them out. Oh and you should really read their booklet, Navigating Diversity as it has information for intersex, trans and gender diverse people that you may not find anywhere else. Here’s some helpful links on their website:

The AAC is Canberra’s centre for all things Queer in the ACT. They provide us with resources, run SpringOUT’s Fair Day, hold workshops and advocate for safe sex. Their building is also on campus at ANU (they’re near the School of Art) and they have a FREE counselling service for members of the queer community that is really worth checking out. Last but not least, they have a SWOP representative in house.

Other services include FREE STI testing, peer education, HIV+ support, advocacy & awareness as well as many others.

Canberra’s Sexual Health and Family Planning Centre provide support and resources for sexual and reproductive health. They can help you find the right contraceptive method for you, provide counselling for unexpected pregnancies, STI testing, educate on safe sex and consent as well as many others. They’re also super queer friendly so you should feel safe with them. They also have a huge library of resources that is available to everyone. They use medicare so their services are more than affordable to access.

PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. They’re a support group for straight friends and parents who need to share experiences with other straight allies, find information on what being queer* means for their loved one, find ways to support their queer* friend or work through their apprehensions or any negative feelings. They’re a really friendly and cheerful bunch who have helped many Queer* youth to feel safe and supported in their schools and homes.


ANU Counselling is free for all ANU students  and staff. They’re located above the Health Service near the Coffee Grounds. It’s recommended that you book early in the semester as it tends to get booked up come exam time! Their number to book: 6125 2442.

Qlife are a nation-wide exclusively queer* oriented counselling service. They have an online chat forum for people who would prefer an online chat to a phone call that runs from 5:30-10:30pm every day. Their phone service number is 1800 184 527, from 5:30-10:30pm everyday.

Aids Action Council

The AAC provides a free counselling service for members of the LGBTIQA community and they’re super lovely to talk to. Call 02 6257 2855 to make a booking.

Street Address:
Westlund House
16 Gordon Street Acton
ACT 2601



A 24/7 mental health crisis line and counselling service. Costs the same as a local call.


Minus 18 is a Melbourne queer* run organisation for youth. They produce their own original resources and queer* how-tos as well as engage in policy reforming, advocacy and awareness, run social events for under 18s and provide info for schools. Their website contains a forum which is really great for talking to some like-minded peeps so make sure you check it out!

Services and resources for Sex and Gender Diverse individuals. They have plenty of resources online including this directory of trans organisations and services.