Am I Queer* Enough?

We know a lot of people are unsure whether or not they “qualify” as queer*. Here at our department, we believe that to be queer you only need to fulfill this definition (which can be found in our constitution):

2.7. Queer*means those who are not cisgender, and/or not heteroromantic, and/or not heterosexual (or are otherwise not heteronormative).

Retrieved 03/05/18.

Whether or not you fulfill this criteria is entirely up to your discretion. Your identity is yours alone, and only you know your orientation. If you do fulfill this criteria, then we’d absolutely love to see you around the House and the Department!
If you don’t fulfill this criteria, but would still like to support us, then you may contact the ANU Ally Network.

However, if you still have apprehension over whether you belong, then shoot a question to us below and keep an eye on our ANU Pride page to see our (the Queer* Officer and Deputies) response.