Welcome to Semester 2!


10922607_10205557608761624_5443709999056939476_n-1I’d just like to start by welcoming everyone, both old and new, to the ANU Queer* Department for Semester 2! This semester should be super fun and exciting as we have a lot planned. We’re well on our way to Queer* Domination!! Just kidding. 😛

New Members!

Firstly, if you’re new to the department, I’d really recommend checking out our website. You can find a copy of the constitution there as well as our meeting minutes from first semester. Here’s the link: http://anuqueerdepartment.com. You should also join our Facebook group as we do most of our events through there.(Please be aware it is a closed group so people may be able to see you in the group.).

If you identify as Queer* and you would like access to the Queer* Space please fill in this form to get 24/7 access (we have tea, friendly peeps and a Wii!).


My contact hours are from 11am-1pm on Tuesdays in the Queer* Space this semester. I’m always happy to chat so just pop in and say hi!

We’ve got a few little projects from last semester happening already. There’s the Trans and Intersex policy for ANU we’ve been working on since first semester. There’s also the Gender Neutral Bathrooms project.

If you’re in need of a binder, the Queer* Dep has approved money to sponsor individuals to buy a binder. If you’re interested in the Queer Dep buying one for you fill in this form here.

I would also like to alert members and users of the Queer* Space that we have a cleaning roster for the space. I would really appreciate if it people could put their name down for a day this semester to contribute back and help keep it tidy. 🙂 Here’s the link.

Finally, congratulations to our new Queer* Department Deputies. They’re always happy to chat as well so give them or myself a bell if you have any questions or need anything. 🙂

Event Reminders

First Meeting of Semester 2 + Brainstorming!

Thursday 30th July
Queer* SpaceCome to the Queer* Space for our first meeting of Semester 2! We’ll be passing the budget and discussing Pride Week!Agenda.

We’ll be having a quick Brainstorming session straight after the meeting so we can get some ideas for semester 2 ready. If you have some ideas but can’t make it to the meeting I’ve done a form for you to input you’re ideas. 🙂 Please brainstorm away! Here’s the form.

FB Event

Queer* Coffee

Friday 31th July
As You Like It CafeMeet us at the Street Theatre Cafe for a nice coffee, brunch and chats.

FB Event

Ace and Aro Tea

Friday 31st July
ANU Queer* Space (Back Room)This is a meet-up for asexual-spectrum and aromantic-spectrum people to talk about their ace and/or aro feels and drink tea!FB Event

ISGD Afternoons in the Space

Monday 3rd August
Queer* Space (back room)

ISGD = Intersex, Sex and Gender Diverse

ISGD afternoons is an autonomous pastoral care group for those who identify as ISGD. If you’re hurting in the genders or need some advice then you’re come then welcome to come chat about it with the group.

Tea drinking and clothes bin perusals in the Queer* Space back room will also happen.

FB Event

Thanks dears! Have a great week everyone!

Kat xx